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We know you probably have questions, so here’s a whole bunch of answers. Have a question not shown here? Hit us on Discord.

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What is Rap Off?

Rap Off is an animated battle rap platform… home to Ketchup vs Mustard & Dog vs Cat cartoons. We create content fusing high-level battle rap writing and performance with top quality animation and entertainment. Our mission in Web3 is interactive world building centered around Rap Off IP and creating a curated content experience unlocked by verifiable digital collectibles. What to expect: Rap, cartoons, live Battle Rap events, digital art, community collaboration and more.

What the hell is battle rap?

Battle Rap is an art form that manipulates language, combining modern literary devices and rap skills at the highest level of competition… As well as a flourishing niche community of artists, media & fans that support each other beyond the ring. Many notable names in hip hop and the music industry are outspoken supporters of battle rap for it’s authentic nature and creativity… To sum it up in one word: BARS.

What is an NFT?

NFTS (non-fungible tokens) are a form of technology making it easier to own digital collectibles. Just like files or emails, there's cool useful ones and there's bad scammy ones.

Why is Rap Off an NFT?

We want to give our fans a fun and safe way to own an artistic piece of our battle rap universe. Just like e-tickets, they can be transferred to others but can also be used to unlock content online and access community events. Each NFT is a randomized character from our animations but they also act as keys to the future of Rap Off.

Can I still participate without buying?

There are a ton of benefits we are giving our collectors from helping us in the writers room, free ppv’s, free access to live events and more. The Rap Off world is universal… Everyone is welcome and we want to provide opportunities and experiences for the battle rap community, fans, collectors as well as non-collectors.

How do I set up my wallet?

Feel free to use either of these resources to help set up your MetaMask wallet:



Note: If you're minting on a mobile device, you'll need to use the the browser in the MetaMask wallet app

Who’s the team behind Rap Off?

Check the squad out in the About section here.

Do I own the IP?

With Rap Off NFT’s you own what you collect. Following in the footsteps of the BAYC pioneers, owners will have the rights to make money off each of their specific unique NFT’s - the image, likeness, and all the vibes they prescribe. We’re all fired up to see what everyone comes up with as we build this world together. Rap Off retains the exclusive commercial rights to its official brand, songs, cartoons and merchandise. Read more here.

What’s the project road map?

Check our roadmap here.